Monday, 22 October 2012

and... ACTION!

I thought my first review should be about the thing that I watch from the small hours to the small hours every weekend and every week day when I am "doing my homework". Anyone who follows me on twitter will know or can probably guess that it's going to be about Two and a Half Men. It used to be my guilty pleasure, but now it's a part of the daily routine. I don't quite know what about the series is so addictive. It could be how unbelievably relatable Alan can be , or how much Jake resembles my brother, Jake. Maybe it's Ashton Kutcher's existence. Whatever it is, I'm hooked.

I may be a whole series late in saying anything about it, but let's not dwell over that small fact. The NEW Two and a Half Men [Series 9, onwards] completely surpassed all of my expectations. I didn't think that anything on the planet could be funnier than Charlie's laid back, cynical sense of humour, but Walden is so adorably naive that I couldn't stop watching. My family are glad that I finished the 9th season in no time at all because they had to sit through it with me. They enjoyed it, Jake in particular, but they were too caught up on the current plotline in Eastenders to be patient with my obsessive viewing habits. SOD 'EM!

I have to be honest though, there are some things that ruined the season for me and made me miss Charlie more than I thought I would. The main thing is Walden's girlfriend, whatshername (let me google it... ZOEY). She's so annoyingly British in it. Unfortunately, after wikipedia-ing her (yes that's probably a verb now) I've learned that she is actually English AND a member of the royal family by marriage. I'm scared to say what I was going to now in case it's treason...


(Did I just say that? Oh dear... I'm going to regret that...)

Well, I really rather dislike when actors over exaggerate their accents or mannerisms when they are acting. It happens all the time and it makes you wonder, are they native or just pretending? I'm hardly ever convinced. What's even worse, though, is when they are actually attempting the accent and they fail miserably. I've lost favour with many actors over this, sadly. The most recent being Anne Hathaway in One Day. She's normally fabulous, yet in this film her accent distracted me from the great story that I'd adored in the book. I was tearing my hair out by the end of it because everything was perfect except for the failed Yorkshire accent. There's a load of examples I could use but you're probably sitting there with a couple popping up in your head already so I shan't bother. The fact that you are now probably thinking about it and can think of one is proof that I'm not crazy.

Other than the annoyingness of the love interest in the 9th season not much else bothers me. Walden, after a few episodes, seems really predictable: charming, lucky, rich, perhaps the angel version of Charlie, BUT every episode got more ridiculous and you never can quite know what Alan or Walden will do next. Alan seems to be less human and a million times more pathetic without Charlie around and despite the ridiculous things he does to get money without looking desperate (as if that ship didn't sail a umpteen seasons ago) he's still funny, just in a more cartoon character way. It's nice to see him, Jake and a lot of other characters being more involved than before, though. Even when, admittedly, most of my attention is on Walden's face - especially when shaven - I have begun to see how Alan's mind works. If he hasn't lost it.

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of series 10!


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