Friday, 5 October 2012


Good evening, all!

I'm at that age when you have to start thinking about what you want to do with your life, and honestly I'm not dealing with it very well. I assume that most people my age are in a similar situation to me and trust me, I sympathise. I really, really do. I'm at 6th Form college and I'm studying Maths and Further Maths, Physics, History and French. It's a varied mix, and when I tell my friends what I study their jaws drop because they either hate science or think that I'm crazy for studying French. I don't quite know what was going through my head when I chose these subjects. Perhaps the idea of being an engineer sounded promising and decided to glue itself to my brain, whilst my favourite subject, History clung insistently to my heart. And French? French is good. C'est chouette! C'est pas mal! I do enjoy it, even though I accent sounds German and I can never remember anything.

But 3 weeks into the first term and I am still hopelessly confused. I adore Physics but can't stand the lessons, Maths seems like effort, History is great and French is hard but the lessons are fabulous. I've started to regret not taking English, even though I know that certain topics within it would kill my brain cells slowly and painfully. And whenever I get home I'd rather get on with my hobby, watching films, than anything else. Which is why I am here!

On a whim I've decided to write a blog post for film reviews, reviews on TV series and episodes and give my opinion on anything that I find interesting. I just thought that it would be appropriate to do a pilot post first, so hopefully I'll be writing posts on a regular basis to keep me sane. I must say that despite the common idea that people who watch films all the time are unhealthy and/or lazy but I firmly disagree. I find it completely educational and I must be the only person on earth who can't snack while I watch films. I still go outside on occasion and I eat regularly and every once in a while I am prised away from the laptop or television to do my homework.

Without further ado, Fiona's Bugle!

((In case you don't understand the title, it's a clever use of The Daily Bugle from Spiderman.))


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