Friday, 12 April 2013

Top 3: Chick Flicks that are so bad that they're good.

I'm not normally into fluffy pink things and princess dresses, but I can never hate a chick flick. Somewhere deep inside there is a little girl who wants a prince to help me out of a jam etc. And although I'm usually against the way that life is presented in such films, I always enjoy them. Here are a few that are truly awful.


I have literally just finished watching this, which is why it's made it to my top 3. It was awfully cringey and so unrealistic that I almost wanted to turn it off. That's the thing about these kinds of films-they lack reality and it's really really annoying to someone like me (someone who actually thinks when they are watching). My summary of the film is this: president's daughter wants 'freedom', whines, bumps into a hot British guy (the beautiful Matthew Goode), and embarks on cheesy adventure to Berlin from Prague, via Venice. If you know the geography of Europe you'll understand why its worth mentioning where they go-it's not exactly the most direct route. I must say, though, despite the standard teenage rebellion and odd bursts of nudity, the heroine isn't a bratty kind of girl like in other films of this genre, she just says the same thing a lot which is why she's a bit annoying. But of course, one can not resist the love interest. He's perfect. Or at least to me he was. I particularly liked that he was incredibly sarcastic and cynical - much like myself - in a vain attempt to make him unlikeable. I can't tell if he was completely predictable or if I just had the exact same type of humour as he did, but he did get a lot of laughs from me, which is always good.


Normally, if I bring up "27 Dresses" in a conversations it's followed by a squeal or a frustrated grumble. It is your bog standard, typical, clich├ęd chick flick. There is a very attractive women who just can't find the right guy or has found the right guy but her feelings aren't reciprocated. Then another guy comes along, helps the lass get her guy, then she realises that she wants the new bloke instead of the old one that she's spent most of the film pining after. You can't even say "oh, Fiona, you've spoiled the film now" because YOU KNOW IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. This film is a really easy watch, though, and if you're a chick who enjoys a good flick then "27 Dresses" is a great place to start. It's nice and cheesy, there's an opportunity to have a little sing and lots of chances to laugh and cry. If you're into that mumbo jumbo.


This film wins the prize for most ridiculous chick flick in the history of ... everything.
It truly is, though. I'm not exaggerating. Two best friends get engaged at a similar time and then they want to have a better wedding than the other. They get so ridiculously competitive that I just turned it off. I watched the second half of it a few weeks later just so that I got some closure with it (and I wanted to see who's wedding was better) and I'd predicted the ending almost word for word. I am quite clever and know how these films work, but word for word? That's a bit bad. Not for me, for the film. The worst thing is, I can see this kind of thing happening with a few of my friends, which makes me fear for my hair. It threw me off the idea of ever getting married and going to weddings and being a bridesmaid and MARRIAGE (but if Mr Hiddleston ever wants to get married I'll be there in a heartbeat).


  1. Oh my gosh, Fiona, you should review Mean Girls 2, it was so bad I didn't make it through the first ten minutes. I adore your reviews. xoxo Mags

    1. You are so right!! Oh my word, I watched it with my brothers and we hated it! I think I might, you know...
      Thanks, prom date ;) x