Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Apologies 2.0

{Bearing in mind that hardly anyone reads this any way so I'm only really apologising to Hannah, my number 1 fan and the person who has pressurised me into continuing with the blog posts (thanks for that, by the way, HanHan)...}

So, my Restless review is still hidden away in draft along with a review of Dancing on the Edge and a few of the BAFTA/Oscar nominated films that I planned to do as a BAFTA/Oscars special, which, as you can see, did not happen. I think I'll rewatch a few of them before posting them. I need to rewatch them as part of some extension work for History any way, so I get to watch some brilliant TV and get my work done while doing so - win win!

It turns out that all that time I spent "revising" instead of concentrating on the blog and my brilliant cinephile hobby was a waste, because I got a beautiful variation in my grades for the 3 exams that I sat. But, I've come to realise that I desperately need to start working super hard to get good grades so I can study History or History with Film Studies at University. Luckily, part of this 'working hard' lark is my EPQ which will be about films in some way. If anybody would like to help me decide just what to cover in my project that would be lovely.

The format of my next few posts is as follows: every few days I will be posting my top 3 from any genre you can think of [musicals, comedy, action, etc.] as well as my top 3 films for things like special effects and music or ... whatever. Sometimes I'll throw in mini-series because to me they are just a collection of films for TV. I'm not quite sure when the first one will go up, so it will be tonight or tomorrow.

One note before I finally click 'publish' {I've been writing this tiny post for two hours...} - I'm planning on starting a photo blog too, just to show off how awesome my life is. I'll post a link around here when it's up and running.



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