Sunday, 10 February 2013


At Christmas time I was completely inspired to write and write and write. In fact, I had so many ideas saved into draft that I could have posted something every day until July. But then reality caught up with me. *queue violins*

January was a tough month for me. I hate to sound whiny, but EXAMS ARE POO. I had a whole THREE exams - [the fourth was cancelled due to bad weather and has been postponed until May, *cries*] - and I'm pretty sure that I've failed two of them due to lack of understanding/revision. I know that I'm very lazy and easily distracted but I couldn't answer any of the questions on my M1 paper. My friend (whose name rhymes with Looby) had five exams, and another had none. Everyone, bar the lucky sods with no exams, was stressing out for at least a few days and it's not a great atmosphere for blog-writing. During this period of darkness I drank a lot of tea and ate lots of ice cream and watched nearly all the films available on Sky on Demand.

To compensate the lack of reviews/opinions I started a "film 365" on my Tumblr blog "evadelect0rskaya", where I post a picture of a film that I've watched every day for a year. That's going relatively well, although I've fallen behind with film watching because of my current workload (and love of sleep). But hopefully all of that will change by the end of the month!

I have lots of films on my "to watch" list, and lots of things to say about recent things on the telly so this blog will be alive again. I have a campaign project that I will talk more about in a future blog post as it involves me making my first proper film with my friends, will be starting a video diary of my trip to America next week and will be gushing lots of relatively spoiler-free reviews on here regularly by March.

To check out my film 365 to see what I've been watching click here*.
The first of many reviews shall be posted later on tonight, and will probably be on "Restless".

*(Note that I have not posted comments of ratings out of 10 etc. on these posts because I am lazy in case I choose to review them later on )


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